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Food industry

Industrial floors & coatings for food industry

To the food industry, Group Suerickx offers tailor-made solutions such as specific floor systems and antibacterial coatings. In the flour industry, where airborne flour dust is a common problem, an antistatic floor is necessary to prevent explosion hazards. As specialists in industrial flooring, we can give you advice and ensure flawless installation of the appropriate floor in your industrial buildings. You can rely on Group Suerickx for your roofing and façade works, concrete renovation, floor systems, painting & coatings, waterproofing and industrial renovation in the food industry.  


Tailor-made solutions for the food industry

We are a BASF Construction Chemicals preferred applicator. This means that you not only benefit from the extensive technical assistance and knowledge of our own engineers, but also that of our manufacturer. Starting from the production process and the associated hygiene risks, Group Suerickx constantly takes into account applicable requirements in the food sector (HACCP).  

Count on Group Suerickx for tailor-made solutions such as specific floor systems and antibacterial coatings specifically for the food industry. We know which paint to use in cold stores, how to install special hygienic floors in Ucrete, what to do with concrete rot. We have that specialisation in-house and take a specific project approach for the food industry. You can call on us for comprehensive technical assistance specifically for the food industry.  

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