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Logistics & distribution

From preventive roof maintenance to intervention contract

Group Suerickx also has a tailor-made solution for logistics & distribution. From preventive roof maintenance, general roof and façade work to concrete renovation, Group Suerickx is your partner. In logistics & distribution, a leaking roof can have a huge impact. Just think of the risk of damage to the customer's goods, temporarily reduced storage space in the warehouse, etc.  That is why we offer an intervention contract for your roofs. You can also rely on Group Suerickx for your flooring systems, painting & coatings, waterproofing and industrial renovation for logistics & distribution.  


Tailored solutions for logistics & distribution

How does an intervention contract work for your industrial roofs? Very simple! Whenever there is a leak, this is reported to Group Suerickx, while you can also state how urgent the intervention is.  We are always on standby and ensure that this leaking roof is repaired within the agreed intervention times. In this way, we offer you a total service for your roof works.  

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