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Maintenance of your buildings and installations

The services sector needs an integrated approach to building and plant maintenance. Group Suerickx maintains these and ensures they are protected for the future. We have the skill & know-how to maintain and repair your roofs, as well as to meet all your façade and painting needs. You can also call on Group Suerickx for your concrete renovation, floor systems, coatings, waterproofing and industrial renovation in the services sector.  


Maintenance & renovation

Group Suerickx has years of experience in maintenance and renovation of buildings for the services sector. We understand all too well that your office or building is your business card. All your façade and painting work is carried out with care. And for urgent repairs to your roof, for example, we arrive on site almost immediately to avoid the high costs and worse damage. For other renovation projects, we work according to the strictly agreed planning. Our works always have minimal impact on the continuity of your business processes so that your services can continue uninterruptedly.  

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