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Through professional renovation management on industrial sites, Group Suerickx holds a unique position in the Benelux when it comes to renovating and protecting industrial buildings and installations. International clients also appreciate our renovation and total projects. This is how we operate at home and abroad.

Group Suerickx is the expert for all your industrial renovation projects:

Safety always comes first for us, besides that our focus is on communication, planning and flexibility. That makes Group Suerickx a reliable partner, where you, our customers, are always at the centre of our attention."


Good job

Brothers Christophe and Olivier Suerickx founded Group Suerickx in 2008, after taking over a small roofing company with about 3 employees. Meanwhile, in

addition to roof and facade works, Group Suerickx has specialised in various industrial renovation techniques, from concrete renovation, floor systems, industrial painting and coatings to waterproofing. Today, Group Suerickx has grown into a solid family business with 110 motivated employees who are greatly concerned with safety, quality and skill.

110 specialists, at your service

By working with permanent teams of professionals, each with their own expertise and experience, we can always deploy the right team for our customers. Because no renovation is the same. Each sector has its own needs, legislation and specifications, for which we always offer a tailor-made solution. Maintaining and protecting an industrial building for the food industry requires a totally different approach and methodology than for the pharma or nuclear sector, for example.


360° approach, tailored to your situation

A renovation can be tackled in two ways. Either split the project into several sub-projects, or make it a centralised project. Group Suerickx offers you both options. The great advantage of a centralised working method is that you have a single point of contact: a project manager who is familiar with all partial aspects of the renovation. This is easier for you, and it saves a considerable amount of time.

At Group Suerickx, you get total advice. This way, we save costs and you, our customers, achieve a higher return. As an innovative renovation specialist, we have everything you need to renovate, protect and upgrade your property. Our staff are experts in state-of-the-art construction and renovation techniques. They regularly retrain themselves to keep abreast of the latest technological developments. Moreover, we work with sustainable and innovative materials.


Skills without limits, it really shows!

Besides our engineers and site managers, we work with some 70 skilled workers. For each job, we put together a specialised team, your guarantee for the best result. All our employees have the required certificates and diplomas needed for the renovation works on your site: BCCA, BENOR and APAC. Moreover, all our departments have a VCA Petrochemistry certificate, which is what holds our safety management system together. And to guarantee and ensure maximum safety, we have two in-house Prevention Advisors IPA level 1 and level 2. Because safety always comes first at Group Suerickx!

And just like us, as a preferred applicator for MBCC, you can also enjoy the extensive technical assistance and knowledge of our in-house and the manufacturer’s engineers.

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