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Industrial painting

Industrial painting and coatings

The cost of repairing a structure and or replacing corroded steel outweighs the cost of preventively protecting a surface from corrosion. Industrial paintwork, industrial coatings and on-site industrial blasting protect your buildings, structures and tanks from corrosion, carbonation and other influences. 


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Industrial painting works usually take place in high-risk areas and hard-to-reach places. Safety on site is and remains our top priority. We have a VCA Petrochemistry certificate and every project is prepared and monitored by our own safety advisor. 

We counteract corrosion by providing steel with an appropriate protection system. We also offer solutions for fire resistance, chemical resistance, acid resistance, hygiene and thermal insulation with a specific coating. 

Our painters are BCCA and VCA certified and have extensive experience in HACCP environments. If required, they can deliver industrial painting works with APAC insurance at your request. 


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Industrial painting

  1. Anti-corrosion coatings

    Corrosion occurs when steel reacts with oxygen and water, components that steel comes into continuous contact with outside. Anti-corrosion treatment is only possible by coating the steel with a sealing protective layer.
  2. Industrial maintenance painting

    Maintenance painting for the industry covers much more than just the aesthetic (re)valuation of buildings: lasting protection is also essential.
  3. Chemical-resistant coatings

    We can make steel and concrete surfaces liquid-proof and chemical-resistant with acid-resistant coatings. Various protection systems extend the lifespan.
  4. Fire-resistant coatings

    A fire-resistant coating is an expanding paint that will foam up into an insulating layer around your steel structures in case of fire. Our staff specialises in applying fire-resistant coatings on site.
  5. Hygienic coatings

    This type of coating is used in the food industry, where hygiene is of prime importance. That is why we offer our maintenance paints with antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  6. Insulating coatings

    Reducing heat and energy loss at your pipelines and tanks, it can be done with insulating coatings. We offer coatings for all applications where high-temperature substances pass through.

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