Waterproofing works

Water seepage, leaks or moisture problems at your industrial sites?

Want to detect a water leak and waterproof your tank, dock or car park? At Group Suerickx, we have maximum expertise and intervene quickly to prevent damage to your stored equipment or appliances. 


Industrial waterproofing systems techniques

We solve your water seepage, often without major construction works. Our in-depth knowledge of classic and state-of-the-art techniques ensures that we combat moisture in your structure in the most appropriate way. Forever. 

In fact, our engineers are highly experienced in performing the necessary calculations and our specialists carry out waterproofing on your industrial sites meticulously: 

  • waterproofing 
  • waterproofing car parks 
  • waterproofing tanks 

How can we help?

Industrial waterproofing

  1. Injection against leaking cracks

    With concrete injection, you avoid a small crack growing into a big problem. Group Suerickx correctly injects your concrete so that the holes are watertight. Ideal for sealing leaks on tunnels, bridges, basements, basins, floors, walls, etc.
  2. Horizontal barrier against rising damp

    Stopping rising damp requires expert work. Our team is experienced in fighting rising damp in large infrastructure projects. We intervene in time and stop rising damp.
  3. Heat-sealed membrane for waterproof finish

    Finish your floors, tank farms and disaster containment areas with a highly reactive hot spray coating for liquid-tight gaps and gutters. Group Suerickx is your specialist.

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