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Floor systems

Specialist in industrial flooring systems

Which industrial floor are you looking for? Anti-skid? Liquid-proof? Antistatic? Group Suerickx advises you and ensures flawless installation of the perfect floor for your industrial application. 


Technical know-how

Industrial flooring systems have no secrets for us. We are a BASF Construction Chemicals preferred applicator. 

So you benefit from the extensive technical assistance and knowledge of our own engineers, and those of the manufacturer. This makes us ideally placed to provide give you maximum support in the selection, installation and renovation of your industrial floor. 


Industrial flooring systems

  1. Ucrete / PU-Cement floors

    Ucrete, industrial polyurethane cement flooring, includes a range of robust flooring systems that ensure longevity for aggressive environments in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These liquid-proof floors have exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, impact and temperature shocks. These floor systems are therefore known as the strongest floors, which are also extremely heat-resistant. These highly cost-effective floor systems can be applied in a short time and meet all the needs of modern processing industries.
  2. Epoxy & polyurethane synthetic resin floors

    A synthetic resin floor is a very fast application and is more mechanically resistant, durable and sound-absorbing compared to a floor coating due to its thickness. We lay both epoxy and PU synthetic resin floors in your warehouses, production areas or office buildings.
    Discover more about epoxy & polyurethane resin floors here.
  3. ESD/ Antistatic floors

    ESD floors are anti-static floors that provide protection and safety in areas where static discharge can cause problems. Group Suerickx quickly lays ESD floors in all your buildings.
  4. Cement-bound screed

    A good foundation starts with a good floor. With a cement-bound poured floor from, you can be sure of a high-quality, durable and reliable floor. This type of floor can be used in many different situations, such as industrial halls, sports halls, (parking) garages and residential buildings. A cement screed is thin and flat and provides an excellent base for a coating in any colour. Due to the short processing and drying time, the floor can usually be finished after just one day!
  5. Concrete floors

    Concrete floors are commonly used in warehouses, factories, logistics centers, and parking garages due to their durability, strength, and versatility. Are you considering a concrete floor for your new construction or renovation project? Then rely on the expertise of Group Suerickx for installation and polishing.
  6. Pump truck

    Our unique pump truck makes handling cement and calcium sulphate-bonded screeds an easy job. The pump truck processes and pumps all types of casting mortars with a capacity of 15 tonnes per hour. Computer-controlled technology ensures accurate and consistent raw material ratios, our operator constantly monitors mortar quality and can adjust it remotely if necessary.
  7. Floor coating

    Sometimes a thin coat of special paint or a special coating is enough to protect your industrial floor. Group Suerickx is a specialist in epoxy coating, PU coating, HACCP coating and chemical-resistant coating.
  8. Car parks & underground parking

    Renovating parking garage floors is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and experience. Group Suerickx has the necessary expertise to make your parking garage look like new again and carry out this renovation effectively and safely. Parking garage floors are often subjected to significant wear and tear and loads, which can lead to damage over time. A well-maintained and renovated parking garage floor not only enhances the user experience but also extends the lifespan of the parking garage itself. Some key aspects that play a crucial role in the renovation of parking garage floors include: Surface restoration - Waterproofing - Anti-slip coatings - Durable finishing - Lighting and signage - Drainage systems - Structural reinforcement and Compliance with regulations and safety standards.
  9. Substrate preparation

    A good foundation is important for the further finishing of your floor. Using modern machinery, we carry out the pre-treatment (blasting, milling, etc.) of your subfloor. By using our industrial vacuum cleaners, dust formation is kept to a minimum.
  10. Calamity basins

    In industrial environments where chemical or hazardous products are handled, acid-resistant cladding is not only recommended, but also required. We give you tailor-made advice, taking into account the circumstances and desired protection.
  11. Impermeable floors

    A liquid-proof flooring system has no seams, which means that no liquid can leak through, but more importantly, it does not absorb liquids. An impermeable floor system is also very easy to clean, allowing you to simply mop up spilt liquids.
  12. Stainless steel drainage systems

    We can supply stainless steel manholes and gutters for drainage in addition to industrial floors. These stainless steel manholes and gutters can also be installed for you with your chosen commercial floor, which is a reassuring benefit for you as a customer, especially in complex renovations.
  13. Industrial floor levelling

    A cement-bound poured floor is very suitable as a commercial floor for offices, shops and industrial halls and logistics storage. The floor is very strong, wear-resistant and liquid-proof. In addition, the casting mortar has a minimum layer thickness, limiting the height difference and maximising the available space. With our self-supporting levelling truck, we can create a new commercial floor at any location.
  14. Super flat floor

    More and more AGVs are being used in warehouses, Group Suerickx specialises in laying very flat floors. For this, we use quick-setting casting mortars so that the area can be put back into use quickly.

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