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Total industrial refurbishment

Complete renovation of industrial sites

Is your industrial site in need of renovation? Rely on Group Suerickx for total renovation, inside and outside. We coordinate the entire process. In doing so, we carry out structural renovation work with our own skilled workers. 

For the techniques, we engage trusted subcontractors. One of our specialities is rebuilding corporate sites after fire. 


Specialised partner for total renovations

Group Suerickx specialises in total renovations. These projects require much more planning, project management and craftsmanship than new construction projects. The consistency and follow-up of the various building disciplines is much more complex. Industrial total renovations often happen in very specific and safety-sensitive locations. Think of sites in petrochemicals, food industry, pharmaceuticals, etc. We have extensive experience in these sectors. 

From the demolition works to the final handover, you can count on Group Suerickx, such as ground, sewerage and foundation works, concrete and roof works, painting and interior finishing. For specialised techniques such as HVAC, electricity and plumbing, we work with established partners. They carry out the works under our coordination and responsibility. Together, we monitor the continuity of your operations and product lines. 

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Total industrial renovations

  1. Industrial maintenance works

    Blasting, painting, concrete repair... we take on complete industrial maintenance management. A long-term collaboration with one fixed maintenance partner only has advantages.
  2. Complex conversion works

    Group Suerickx carries out complex industrial conversion works and concrete repairs to industrial halls, production areas, loading docks, etc. Our capabilities also include the complete conversion of certain spaces.
  3. Shutdowns

    Want planned activities to be completed during plant shutdown periods? Countless corporate and chemical production sites rely on our experience in industrial renovation and maintenance works during shutdowns.
  4. Total renovations

    In case of total renovations, we not only look at the outer shell, you can also rely on us for the renovation of the inside with peace of mind. One point of contact for inside and outside, saving you a lot of time and headaches.

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