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Indoor renovation

Future-proof indoor renovations

Complete unburdening in total renovations is what customers are used to at Group Suerickx. And that includes the inside of your sites, business units, offices, showrooms and more. We are remodelling and renovating for tomorrow, stripping and redecorating. 

This is how we make your buildings sustainable and efficient. Always according to your plan of requirements, our guide for indoor renovations. 


From design to delivery

From design to delivery. Indoor renovation goes through a number of steps to create your office of the future or a perfectly equipped industrial building. Together, we discuss your requirements and we look at the building's possibilities to come up with a dream proposal. A mood board and a 2D/3D concept give you a quick overview of what it will look like so you already get a first impression. Group Suerickx also give advice about the choice of materials.  

We also take into account the dynamics of your industrial building when renovating an interior. These investment should last for generations, which is what Group Suerickx is all too aware of. As specialists in total renovation, we take care of follow-up work and budget management from start to finish.  


Indoor renovation

  1. Smart space

    Group Suerickx guides you to the new way of working. The office of the future meets employees' needs for flexibility, freedom and well-being. We create 'smart spaces', smart office spaces for optimal collaboration.
  2. Flexbox

    Provide flexible workstations, meeting rooms or storage spaces in your office, warehouse or industrial premises? A flexbox is the solution: a tailor-made box, with no loss of space. Our indoor renovation team knows exactly what you need.
  3. Suerickx on top

    Building further on existing buildings: you’ll need the necessary expertise. We have it! Under the name 'Suerickx on top', we remove the building layer and provide new (timber-frame) structures according to the stability engineering possibilities.
  4. Strip & refurbish

    Stripping your building down to its basic structure and redecorating it - possibly in timber frame construction - these are major conversion works. Group Suerickx indoor renovation has years of experience in stripping and remodelling. We take care of everything, guaranteed!

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