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Joassin Tanking Sprl, Flawinne

Petrochemicals & energy: painting & coatings

Construction company Ivens nv offers total liquid storage solutions for the petrochemical sector. For this leading company, Suerickx Industrial was commissioned for the painting works at Joassin Tanking Sprl. This company based in Flawinne near Namur has expanded by building 3 new storage tanks. The painting work on the new-build tanks was carried out by Suerickx Industrial. 


Exterior painting on tanks

All our projects always start with a toolbox meeting. During this work meeting, painters receive all the information about the job, the installation they will be working in and all the specific safety measures. 

After the starter briefing, the preparatory work was done first. This means: taping off any materials that are not to be treated with construction film, providing the necessary PPE and demarcating the site zone with signalling tape and/or heras fencing. 

Painting the three tanks consists of roof, wall and roof railings. Each listed component was worked on in four phases. First, the rusted parts were manually derusted to a cleanliness level ST2. 

The second phase of this project involves applying an aluminium Sigmacover 690 primer coat. This is an epoxy 'high solid’ primer coating, aluminium pigmented modified epoxy polyamine primer coating and is ideal for application on unblasted substrates. This first coat has very good adhesion to aged substrates. 

An intermediate Sigmacover 456 coat was applied next. A two-component high build epoxy-based coating with polyamide hardener that is indefinitely repaintable. Finally, the final Sigmacover 580 HB coat was applied. Two-component semi-gloss high-solid finishing coat based on aliphatic acrylate-polyurethane, resistant to splashes of mineral and vegetable oils, paraffins and mild chemicals. 

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