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This is exactly how the roof renovation went:

Before the demolition work could begin, roof gravel was first removed. Then the existing roof structure could be completely demolished down to the concrete structure in order to create a new roof.

The construction went as follows: a bonding primer, a vapor barrier, a PIR insulation layer and a double layer of APP bitumen.  Finally, the roof was completely finished with natural stone and wall decking.

After that, safety lifelines were also installed to safely maintain the roof.

A technically challenging project for Group Suerickx

he difficulty lay in the complexity of the roof.

KBC's headquarters consists of 67 roof sections that are difficult to access. An additional challenge was that KBC employees were working in the building throughout the renovation period. Therefore, the demolition had to be done piece by piece to guarantee waterproofing and prevent leaks inside the building.

A sustainable result

A roof renovation is the first step toward a sustainable future. In terms of energy savings, it is one of the best investments you can make for your company.

A renovation with innovative insulation techniques also contributes to a healthy working environment for your employees and makes your roof ready for solar panels.

Ready for the future!

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