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Euro-ei, Tessenderlo

Food industry: floor systems

Euro-egg packs about 355 million eggs a year in its egg packing station in Tessenderlo, Belgium, which are destined for a large part of the Belgian retail world.

Because of an additional expansion of their installation, the customer was looking for a suitable floor for this area. The customer opted for a Ucrete floor since it is extremely suitable for the food industry.

Why is Ucrete the ideal hygienic floor for the food industry?

Ucrete floors are the best solution to ensure long-term hygiene in food processing areas. Ucrete floors are liquid-tight floors and are impermeable over their entire thickness. As a result, contaminants and contamination remain on the floor and do not penetrate the floor or joints and can therefore be removed with proper cleaning.

Essentially inert, Ucrete is biodegradable and does not encourage the growth of bacteria or fungi. These properties ensure purity comparable to the standard used for stainless steel, even on highly structured slip-resistant Ucrete floors.

Thus, not only is it a highly hygienic product, Ucrete is also resistant to aggressive solvents and chemicals, mechanical impact (including in cold rooms), heat (prolonged exposure to 130ºC and shocks from -40ºC to +120ºC).

floor renovation

Group Suerickx proceeded as follows for this project:

  • Cutting of sewers and removal of concrete blocks
  • Installation and connection of DN160 sewage pipes.
  • Installation of 90 running meters of stainless steel gutter, and casting the gutter with MasterEmaco S145PG
  • Shot blasting of the substrate in preparation for the floor system, an area of 900m²
  • Grinding in the necessary anchor grooves
  • Removing dust from the substrate
  • Application of Ucrete Primer SC
  • Application of Ucrete MF Grey
floor renovation

Group Suerickx


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