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Steel preservation gives refurbished silos an even longer future

Cementbouw is one of the largest producers in the Netherlands in the sector of binders, sand and gravel. For their site in Wanssum they counted on the help of Group Suerickx for the conservation of their steel silos, in which the products of Cementbouw are stored. Whereas Group Suerickx normally tackles existing silos, this time it involved refurbished silos.

Also Cementbouw saw the usefulness of preservation and called on Group Suerickx.

Steel is 100% reusable and should therefore be well maintained. The solution is to apply a good preservation to protect the steel against corrosion. Moreover, conservation also extends the life of the steel.


How steel conservation works

First of all, the silos -which are 30-40 metres high- were cleaned, before applying a high-quality paint system in three layers from PPG.

The preservation of the silos is done in phases: first the undercarriage, then the silo an sich and then the roof. Moreover, all this happened when the silos were lying dismantled on the ground. The silos were only complete when the Cementbouw logo was applied with a stencil.

Group Suerickx


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