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Intervention contract for roof works at Katoen Natie

Can you imagine what would happen if one of Katoen Natie's sites were not 100% operational due to a leaking roof? Neither do we! This is why Katoen Natie chose to enter into an intervention contract with Group Suerickx.

Rapid response in the event of a roof leak

A leaking roof is an immediate danger at Katoen Natie. Indeed, if a leak is not repaired quickly, damage could occur to customers' stored goods. And that doesn't make anyone happy. Katoen Natie opted for the security of an intervention contract through Group Suerickx. Specifically, we are responsible for roof repairs at Katoen Natie's industrial sites in the port area of Antwerp, Terneuzen, Tessenderlo, and so on. If a leak occurs on one of these sites, we will be contacted immediately. Group Suerickx's team is always on standby for repairs. Thanks to this intervention contract, Katoen Natie can rest assured.

How does an intervention contract work?

Very simple. Is there a leak in one of the industrial roofs at Katoen Natie's sites? We will be contacted immediately. This is reported to Group Suerickx, stating how urgent the intervention is. We are always on standby and ensure that this leaking roof is repaired within the agreed intervention times. The main difference? You don’t have to look for an available roofer every time, and do not have to wait weeks for the leak to be repaired. This allows the customer to focus on what really matters and know that Group Suerickx will take care of the roofs.

Total service of your roofing works

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