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Industrial painting at Meise Botanic Garden

Preserving, renovating and painting the 600 running metres of railings at the Botanic Garden in Meise to restore it to its former glory is one of the challenging projects the Group Suerickx team has got their teeth into over the past few months.

Restoring the railings of the conservatories to their former glory

Cleaning, industrial derusting and repainting the beautiful old steel railings. That was the task Group Suerickx started out to do a while ago. How did we tackle this concretely? The 600 running metres of steel railing were first dismantled and collected in a site area for preservation. The railing was first high-pressure cleaned and industrially derusted. After this multi-step cleaning, each metre was neatly painted and then placed back.

Skill in industrial painting

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About Meise Botanic Garden

Meise Botanic Garden is a 92-hectare green oasis in Meise, near Brussels, where 18,000 plant species grow from all over the world. Its history dates back to 1796, making the Botanical Garden older than the kingdom of Belgium. Around 200,000 people visit the Botanical Garden every year. Most visitors are mostly familiar with the plant collections and greenhouses, but there is of course much more. And from now on, they can also admire the railings, which were skilfully renovated by the team of group Suerickx!

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