Application procedure

Getting acquainted

Are we convinced by your CV ? And do we think there is an amazing colleague in you? If so, we will invite you for an introductory interview.

Our HR manager Kathleen will ask about your knowledge, experience and expectations. She will also tell you more about Group Suerickx and your future role within the company.

The technical details

Both feeling positive? Then there will be a second interview. Did you apply as a labourer? In that case you will sit down with your future project manager in a second interview.

Did you apply as administrative staff? In that case, the manager of your future division will join you at the table, after which you will also meet manager Christophe.

Ready for the first day

A YES for both sides? Now we will start arranging the paperwork and invite you for a welcome moment a few days before your official working day.

We go over practical and administrative matters, give you a tour and introduce you to your colleagues.

So you are all set for your first working day at Group Suerickx.