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Honesty is in our DNA.

So we're not going to gloss it over for you:
Working with us is not for everyone.
Because immense technical knowledge is not enough.
You also need to have the right character and attitude.

But what makes you a Group Suerickx colleague? What is it that connects everyone within Suerickx?


  • Problem solver

  • Likes challenges

  • Flexible

  • Specialist

  • Takes initiative

  • Honesty

  • Works safely

  • Team player


Group Suerickx DNA

  1. 01

    Problem solver

    As a problem solver, always has a creative solution ready even before everyone else realises what the problem actually is. Because they understand better than anyone that in the renovation sector, you never know what you are going to get...

  2. 02

    Likes challenges

    Likes challenges. Because you work on big and special projects that no one else can or dares take on. And sometimes ends up in exceptional circumstances.

  3. 03


    Can deal with the unexpected. They realise that construction is an industry where you cannot control everything. Last-minute changes are part of the job.

  4. 04


    Is a specialist, not a generalist. An expert demonstrating their skills in one particular part of a renovation project.

  5. 05

    Takes initiative

    Takes  initiative. Because they know that not everything can be arranged or prepared to perfection. And that in such a case, you achieve nothing by waiting.

  6. 06


    Is honest and communicates clearly. Because they realise that everyone needs to know where they stand. And that you won't get results if no one dares to say where it really stands.

  7. 07

    Works safely

    Does everything for safety. Even when time pressure is high, they respect the safety rules... and addresses colleagues who do not.

  8. 08

    Team player

    Is sociable and loves to work together. Works with colleagues to find the best solution to any problem that arises. They jump in where needed, adapt and encourage the rest of the team