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Egg auction, Poederlee

Food sector: roof works

Group Suerickx renovated the corrugated iron roof of the Egg Auction in Poederlee. The existing roofing consisted of asbestos-containing corrugated sheets. These were removed according to the rules of the art and taken to an authorised waste disposal company.

The total roof area for this project is 3,920m².


Removal of asbestos-containing roofing sheets

A new zinc gutter was installed at the front. Because of the elevation, it is necessary to make a tray gutter at the front. The zinc is folded to size on site.

New corrugated sheets were then installed. Eternit Ecolor 976 corrugated sheets were chosen for this project. These were given an Alsan Flashing Coating by Soprema, a one-component liquid waterproofing product.

The existing drainage pipes were demolished and replaced with new drainage pipes made of natural zinc.

Group Suerickx


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