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Structural concrete repair

Repair of severely affected columns by acids and chemicals

Nyrstar , a global metal processing company with its sites in Balen and Pelt, is responsible for the production of Zinc This zinc is manufactured according to a specific chemical process in which many acids and chemicals are released. The building in which this process takes place consists of a concrete structure with several columns. These columns are founded about up to 4 meters deep.

Due to the presence of these acids, the columns are heavily corroded and such that these columns need to be dug free in order to be able to carry out a proper repair. In view of the high degree of difficulty, the necessary shoring must be installed so that we can also safeguard the column below ground level. Such columns are responsible for the stability of the building and must be supported during the repair so that a safe repair is possible.

Our process for performing structural concrete repair

Group Suerickx developed a specific concept together with the client.

The following method was used:

  • Grinding in and breaking out the concrete slab all around
  • Excavation of the column and temporary splinting.
  • Complete and temporary stabilization of the column.
  • Breaking out part of the column until it is completely interrupted.
  • Placement of new reinforcement and chemical anchoring.
  • Pouring of new column with specific quick-drying mortar
  • Removal of stabilization
  • Afterwards full chemical resistant finishing of this column.

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