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Food industry: roof renovations

Group Suerickx was commissioned to carry out a roof renovation at the truck loading area for our customer LDC, which is a major player in the international juice trade and processing of agricultural goods. An EPDM sealing membrane type Resitrix SKP and Resitrix SKW was chosen by the customer for the upstands. Total area of this project is 328m². 


EPDM sealing membrane

The existing wall caps were removed and the footings under the pipes were temporarily relocated. The current roof waterproofing was demolished as well as the existing edge trims.   

An adhesive vapour barrier was placed on the steel deck and the upstands . The Pir insulation was mechanically fixed to the roof surface , this type Recticel Eurothane Silver - thickness 100mm RD 4.50. 

Next, we installed an EPDM sealing membrane on the roof surface and the upstands.  
The client chose to also replace the existing skylights with steel deck and new roof structure . 


Group Suerickx


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