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De Ceunynck Medical, Aartselaar

Chemicals & metals: painting & coatings

At De Ceunynck Medical NV, we painted the façade on the company building in Aartselaar. We first provide a thorough cleaning of the façades with a pressure washer. 


Fa├žade painting of commercial building

First, the surfaces are nebulized with a degreasing industrial biodegradable soap. After neatly masking off windows and other parts not to be treated, we spray a two-coat RD Metal Unicoat in a RAL colour of your choice. 

The adhesion of the existing paint to the windows is in very poor condition. This is removed by spraying it thoroughly with pressure washer combined with dirt sprayer. Afterwards, our professionals sand it thoroughly to ensure adhesion of the new paints. For this, we use CWS Allgrund adhesion primer and two finishing coats of Satilux. 

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