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Major renovation of silo building Franki

At our client Ceres, which has become one of the main players in the quality flower market both nationally and internationally, we did the renovation of the Franky Building. This building received a thorough renovation of the concrete since several concrete parts were already falling down and therefore had to be intervened for safety reasons. Indeed, the degradation of such structures is great when they are subjected to climatic environmental factors and, after all, the concrete has a certain age.


Our approach

Before starting the work, we did a preliminary survey to see what damage diagnosis we could establish here in order to offer the right repair methodology.

With our concrete department of Group Suerickx, we placed this building in full scaffolding and did a full probe so we could get a clear picture on the extent of the damage. As soon as the damage was assessed, we started the concrete repair.

We applied the following method to our customer: 

  • Installation of the necessary scaffolding and site equipment.
  • Complete cleaning and purification of the concrete structure.
  • Probing the surface.
  • Carrying out concrete repairs and adding reinforcement where necessary.
  • Repairing cracks and fissures in the substrate.
  • Levelling out concrete sections where there is a lack of concrete coverage and continuing to guarantee it.
  • Protecting whole with carbonation-resistant coating.
  • Elaborating and placing template with customer's logo.

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