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Concrete repair work on silos.

Argex is a company that specializes in making expanded clay pellets and for this purpose has several silos in which these pellets are stored. These Silos are concrete structures built in the 1970s . In order to preserve these silos and to guarantee a longer life span a thorough maintenance of the silos is needed . Group Suerickx has worked with the client on a proposal to carry out this renovation. The main repairs carried out are local concrete repairs and repairing cracks in the silos.

Work performed to protect the silos

Following activities were performed by our people for this purpose:

  • Installation of the necessary scaffolding and site equipment.
  • Examination of the concrete damage.
  • Cleaning of the silos.
  • Performance of concrete repairs due to carbonation and concrete coverage on both the silos and the substructure of the building.
  • Replacing and repairing reinforcement.
  • Repairing local cracks and fissures.
  • Application of a protective carbonation resistant and crack bridging coating on the lower portion of the silos.

The client is looking at applying a protective coating to the entire silos in the future to ensure even better protection of the silos.

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