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Group Suerickx signs Climate Roof Protocol

With pride, we can announce that Group Suerickx has officially signed the Climate Roof Protocol, a significant step in our commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious development.

The Climate Roof Protocol:

A climate roof is robust, water- and wind-resistant, and low-maintenance, and is therefore implemented in accordance with the most recent and proven rules of good craftsmanship. With this principle as a starting point, efforts are made to innovate and substantially contribute to ambitions such as multifunctionality, circularity, and climate-resilient construction.

The multifunctional and as sustainable as possible use of flat roofs requires commitment and action from many parties and governments that can regulate and are also major clients of construction and renovation projects. But also other building owners, contractors, materials producers, engineering firms, architects, and research institutions all have the potential to contribute positively to the ambitions of the Climate Roof.

The Climate Roof has the following important principles:

  • Building technical sustainability
  • Multifunctionality
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Circularity

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