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Circular roofing with Derbigum roofin

Protecting the environment is no longer a choice today, but a reality that everyone has to deal with. At Group Suerickx, we are committed to circular building techniques by using reusable raw materials where possible. In that context, we work with Derbigum whenever we can.

No Roof to Waste

Derbigum is a pioneer in the recycling of bituminous waterproofing membranes. They have been working on their patented process since 1990. The easiest way to reduce our carbon footprint is still to choose a product with a long lifespan, that is also perfectly recyclable.

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And what is Group Suerickx doing with it? We try to install Derbigum whenever we can because, as a company, we think it is important to use circular construction methods and thus do our bit for the environment. Moreover, we are also convinced about the quality. Derbigum roofing membranes have a proven lifespan of at least 40 years. And after being re-coated with a new top coat, this roofing can be used for another 40 years without any worries. Moreover, these Derbigum roofing membranes are 100% recyclable afterwards. Thanks to this patented process, they are recycled into high-quality raw material for new roofs.


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Recycling cycle

To achieve this goal, Derbigum developed a unique six-step take-back programme and recycling cycle:

  1. Collection of old Derbigum roofing, reject and cut off scraps
  2. Sorting
  3. 3 types of grinding
  4. Purifying
  5. Patented process to revalue this into the new raw material Derbitumen
  6. Production of high-quality membranes

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