Bakkerij Dockx, Nijlen

Food industry: roof works

The roof of Nijlen-based Dockx Bakery was renewed from A to Z. This also means that new insulation boards were installed, thus meeting the new standards of the legislation. The roof was renovated using PVC roof technology.


Renovation flat roof PVC waterproofing

First and foremost, the existing roof surface was subjected to a thorough cleaning and inspection, if there were any loose parts on the roof they were cut out and repaired . The existing eaves were removed

After this, OSB roofing boards were installed at the skylights, the skylights were completely boarded up.

On top of the existing roofing, the PIR Insulation IKO enertherm MG - 60mm was applied. On top of the insulation, white PVC waterproofing membrane was installed, also on the roof edges.

The roof was fitted with the necessary edge trims as well as the necessary drip trims were installed to drain the roof.

New eaves were installed. The customer chose to provide several skylights, which were also professionally installed by our people.

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